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Every item is designed in collaboration with the 2,500+ strong Fabulous Fuller Bust community.



The clothes are only made after you order, meaning less waste - with delivery happening four to six weeks after your order date.



You get stylish clothes that flatter your bust and you’ll love for years to come.



  • We can make clothes specifically for the Fuller Bust community - starting a brand with lots of stock wouldn’t be possible due to the cost and our ethical approach.
  • We can make clothes without the waste - making them a lot better for the planet.
  • We can offer amazing quality at affordable prices as we don’t have the extra waste in the process.  
  • We can use some of the money saved to do some good in the world - this collection is funding educational support for kids near our factories..

Better for the planet, better for your pocket and better for the people who make our clothes.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes 4-6 weeks when you order in the collection. You’ll receive email updates and can track the progress of production in your account at any time.

Why does delivery take longer?

Delivery takes longer to ensure no waste in the process. 30% of new clothes made every year are never sold - this year that will be 26 billion items! Fabulous won’t be adding to that mountain of waste…

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the UK, and for future collections we hope to deliver globally.

What if I buy something and it doesn’t fit?

To help reduce returns, we’ve got a swap platform if you just need to find a different size. Outside of this, we offer a 14-day return period.

Where are the clothes actually made?

Our clothes are made in Delhi in India.

How is this a sustainable brand?

No brand is truly sustainable - because they’re using resources - but Fabulous is kinder to the planet in three ways:

  • We don’t overproduce thanks to our ordering model  
  • We only use natural or recycled fabrics
  • As our community designs our clothes, we don’t waste anything in creating samples

What is the quality of the clothes?

Our quality is focused on name-brand high street and above. With our model, we save a lot of money so you’re getting clothes that would normally cost around 40% more with these other brands.

If this is your first collection, how do we know the clothes will be any good? 

The collection is made in collaboration with Together, the company behind the leading sustainable community brand This is Unfolded. They’ve got industry-leading repeat order and return rates.

What is the returns policy? 

To help reduce returns, we’ve got a swap platform if you just need to find a different size. Outside of this, we offer 14 days returns.


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