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Introducing the Fabulous Fuller Bust Collection


The Fabulous Fashion Team has designed the range in collaboration with our 2,500-strong community. This ensures every item is perfect for fuller busts - and they're made after you order for zero waste. 

The Fabulous community help design every item!

Production starts after orders are taken, ensuring no waste.

You finally get perfectly fitting clothes for a great price.


1000s of women have helped create this collection, so the clothes are made BY and FOR women with fuller busts. A great fit shouldn’t have to be difficult!

Our clothes are kinder to the planet, made with sustainable materials, powered by solar energy and produced without waste.

All Fabulous clothes are produced in factories with good working conditions and higher wages for garment workers.

Better for the planet

Zero items sent to landfill

Better for you

Lower prices on quality clothes

Better for workers

Kids supported in education

The Fabulous community in our first collection

Finally there is a clothing collection that is stylish, comfy and made with quality fabrics, perfect for women with DD+ boobs.

Getting clothes to fit massive knockers is a challenge! This dress is an absolute dream. It’s effortless.

I haven’t had to compromise on either style or fit, which is what I always wanted.

It looks so expensive and feels such good quality for what you’re paying. I’d live in this dress all summer long!

I’m a size 16 and it’s so lovely to find clothes that are true to size. This is figure-skimming, but not clingy.

I feel like the collection enhances what I have, rather than covering my boobs up.

Prices from £30 - Sizes from 8-24

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